Child’s First Semester Of College? Why It May Be Difficult For Them And How To Get Help

13 January 2016
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It is a big transition going from high school to college, and it takes time to get used to it. If you have a child that has just started college, they may start having problems during their first semester. Even if they were a straight A student in high school, their grades may go down a little at first. If this sounds like your child, below are some reasons why this may be happening, and how they can get some help. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment

13 October 2015
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Addiction is powerful, and it's hard to overcome alone. You need a safe environment with people who want to see you win. Inpatient drug addiction treatment is one of the best ways to fight addiction, so check out these four facts about inpatient care. Inpatient Care Gives You a Protective Net Inpatient rehab addiction treatment puts you in a world that is completely focused on your healing. Unfortunately, you may not be able to speak with people outside the facility or leave for important events, but it's not punishment. Read More